August 2011

The RedButton Software PVR (RBP)


No warranty is provided by anyone, and the user assumes all responsibility for its use.

(It is recommebded you also download and print a PDF of these instructions)

Before you begin, make sure you have software that will burn an ISO file to a disc. (For example, InfraRecorder). More information about ISO disc images is available on Wikipedia.

1. Download the RedButton PVR (RBP) .ISO and Release Notes .PDF files.

2. Burn the .iso DVD image to make the RBP DVD.

3. Boot the RBP DVD.

4. Plug in an empty USB flash drive (2GB or larger).

5. Within the RedButton Software, click System -> Administration -> USB Startup Disk Creator

6. On the USB menu, maximize the "reserved extra space" by moving the slider to the right.

7. Click the "Format" button if it appears.

8. Click the "Make Startup Disk" button.

9. It will take several minutes to complete the flash.

10. Close the software by clicking the red shutdown icon in the upper right corner of the Desktop.

11. Remove the DVD. (It can make additional USB drives for your friends.)

12. You are ready to use your RBP bootable flash drive with your PC.

13. Follow the User Notes for use.

NOTE: A smaller zip file is available For users working from a machine with Ubuntu 10.04 already installed. RIght-click and "save-as" to download the zip file.

Right-Click and Save As to Download USER Notes for V3.0 and V2.0 (.PDF)

Right-Click and Save As to Download RedButton v3.0 (765 MB .iso)

Right-Click and Save As to Download RedButton.iso.md5 file

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